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Give Bernie Sanders Big Win in Michigan Democratic Primary

March 9th, 2016

Yesterday, the wrong candidate won Michigan's Democratic Primary. In what can only be described as a major win for democracy, Michigan voters rejected the corporate-controlled media's pollsters and their "prediction" of the election. Not only were the pollsters wrong, but they were wrong in a huge way. Every single Michigan poll, including fourteen polls conducted this February and March, had Hillary Clinton leading by a wide margin. The most recent three polls, according to the RealClearPolitics average, gave Clinton a 21% lead. Instead, Sanders won Michigan 50% to 48%.

Voters Defy Pollsters...Give Bernie Sanders Big Win in Michigan Democratic Primary

Over the years, presidential polls have done a lot of damage to grassroots candidates, by demoralizing their supporters and thereby discouraging them from voting. Instead of measuring voter sentiment, these polls have had the end result of manipulating the election to favor the status quo.

So what happened in Michigan? There's no evidence that voters changed their minds at the last minute. Polls are biased toward the 25% of voters who voted four years ago. What clearly happened is pollster bias, a failure to consider the other 75%. As we've seen, all it takes is another 1%-2% of these previously inactive voters to change the outcome of an election. So congratulations to Bernie Sanders supporters in Michigan for energizing more voters.

Polls of upcoming states are showing very similar biases to polls of Michigan, and likely many of these polls are also wrong. The bottom line is that if voters just show up and vote their minds, all of these polls and their election manipulation will be rendered worthless.

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Voters Defy Pollsters, Give Bernie Sanders Big Win in Michigan

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